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Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

GVSS is continuously working for Environmental Awareness, Biodiversity and Plantation with the objective to make environment clean and green. Farmers are motivated to adopt irrigation methods in which less water is used like drip irrigation method etc. GVSS organizing Environmental and awareness campaign every year on different topics. Currently the organization is working for-

Water for Public Good-

This program has been initiated in Mangraura Block of Pratapgarh since January, 2015 with the support of Hindustan Unilever foundation as a sub partner of PANI, Faizabad. The project aims to work towards improving the governance of land and water resources- especially protecting the uplands which are the sinks of water and improving the availability and quality of water through adequate soil and moisture conservation measures. Engaging with the communities in the Mangraura block of Pratapgarh, the project would assist in designing plans for soil and moisture conservation to help improve surface water availability, recharge of ground water level, biomass productivity, biodiversity and vegetative growth. The project would take into account the equitable use of surface and ground water use for agriculture, animal husbandry and domestic purposes. The project will help to improve livelihood of communities.

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